Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pedestal Mania

I have seen so many different varieties of beautiful pedestal bowls all over Blog Land. So today, I spent a few bucks & created my own! Check, check, check it out…
Peditals 2.23.11 003
I already had these candle sticks but never really cared for them. I bought these 2 bowls at the Dollar Store for $1 each & E-6000 adhesive at Wal Mart for $3.
Peditals 2.23.11 004
I traced the candlestick onto the bottom of the bowls so that I knew where to put the glue. (Read adhesive directions before you begin) Then I glued them onto one another & followed the directions for cleaning up the extra. It worked great!
Peditals 2.23.11 005
Then came the hardest step…WAITING…boo…I hate waiting…
Peditals 2.23.11 006
…and waited some more…
Peditals 2.23.11 010Peditals 2.23.11 012
The recommended dry time is 24-72 hours. I waited a whole 2 hours. Oh well, it’s not like I’m dunking them in water :) Now I have 2 beautiful pedestal bowls! They’ll be perfect as candy or nut dishes. In the meantime I’m using 1 for my necklaces.
Peditals 2.23.11 014Peditals 2.23.11 015
Moving on to part 2 of this Pedestal Mania.
Peditals 2.23.11 008
More from the Dollar Store. I love that place! Tin platter was $1 & candle holder was also $1. Woot woot!
Peditals 2.23.11 009
I covered the outside of the glass with craft paper. I wanted to paint the inside only so that it still has the gloss look on the outside but with the color showing through.
Peditals 2.23.11 017Peditals 2.23.11 018
I painted them with Valspar Gloss Exotic Sea. I love bright colors! Glued them together & voila…I lovely pedestal platter. I’ve always wanted one & this only cost me $2, since I already had the paint. I can’t decide though if I want to use black glaze on this platter since it has the detail & texture around the edges. It also has very subtle detail on the top that you can’t see very well. What do you think?? Is it weird to glaze dishes?
Total cost for all 3 pedestal only $7! Holla!
I still have plenty of E-6000 glue left over for future projects.
I think I’ll plan a party just so I have a good excuse to use these pedestals :)

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  1. Great job on the pedestal dishes! I made them too! I like the bowl part. I also like your new header. I just posted my spring header more snow on mine!
    Have a great day!

  2. Stopping by from

    What a beautiful project! I'm loving the cakestand. Gotta love the Dollar store! I just bought candle stick holders and glass cylinders to make some apothocery type pieces.

  3. Great job! I heart The Dollar Tree, I have a supply of the tin plates for crafting projects, I've also made one with the glass plate, painted it and added a glass candle stick, it lives on my bathroom counter! They really come in handy.

  4. Thanks so much; I loved how my cloche turned out, too!!
    I am loving how your glass pedestals turned out!!

  5. Awesome job & what a great deal!! I want to make some too :) Thanks for the blog visit and sweet comment. Happy crafting!

  6. Hey,
    I am stopping by from - what an awesome project!!! You have inspired me to try this myself... I am going to bookmark your page and link you back once I finish this project on my own :)

  7. Not weird at all about glazing your dishes. I have a gorgeous turquoise square platter (shown here) that it looks like it was glazed as well. It's so lovely!

  8. Super awesome! Your pedestal is wonderful, its a beautiful color and you can't beat that price! Visiting from Tatertots & Jello.

  9. I really, really like the blue one. I mean really. Like, a LOT. Well done!

  10. I just picked up a glass plate and a great candlestick to make my own pedestal dishes today! I've been on the lookout for years to find some cake plates I loved and they were always so expensive! I love the color of the second one!
    I think glazing would be great as long as you finish it with a food safe spray if you intend to serve off it!
    Found you at tatertots and jello! Love the blog!

  11. So cute! And you made me laugh with the 2 hours...that's about as far as my wait time goes too!! :)

    Thanks for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  12. so cute. I just love pedestal bowls on a buffet!


  13. I especially love the top clear ones! Lovely...

    Tnx so much for linking these up at my party. :)

  14. Cute idea! I've seen all those pedestals around blog land myself, but I like how yours turned out. The color is beautiful and I love how you painted the inside to keep the glass glossy. Clever idea.

    I'd love it if you would like this project on our new Party themed blog link party here:

  15. Hi Mary-I know I told you last week that I had a project like this in the works and I posted the first round yesterday on my blog.

  16. Love your pretty pedestals! I love to do the same thing myself...I have a stack of dishes and candleholders waiting to be glued together still.
    Thanks for stopping by Red Hen Home!

  17. Hey just swinging by to thank you for linking up this beauty. I love how it turned out and I love it. thx again.


  18. ohmygosh!!! these came out GORGEOUS!!! <3


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