Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Blog helped plant a TREE!

Over at Military Spouse House, she has posted a wonderful idea that I just have to share!

If you link over to this website: , so you can join & get involved too.

The organization is planting a tree in the Plumas National Forest for each blog & website that signs up! Once the reforestation of that national forest is complete, they will move onto another! This is really going to help our Earth and is super easy for each of us to do. Literally all you have to do is; 1. Make a post stating what their objective is and how to get ahold of them 2. Email them to let them know you are spreading the word 3. Choose  your favorite button & post it to your blog or website.

It’s so simple. I love that I just helped to plant a tree & I didn’t even have to get off my couch! Although I do have to get up pretty soon, my house is a disaster & needs some serious attention :( I hope you can take a few minutes to help make a difference in our ever giving earth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, i have spread the word at my blog as well!


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