Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Question & an Apology

I have a question for all of you smart bloggers out there. When I leave comments in other blogs about their posts, the blogger can reply to my comment & it goes into my email. So cool! It’s nice when I get a response & I feel bad that I haven’t been responding to you. It’s only because I don’t know how, not that I don’t read or appreciate the comments that are left on my blog. I do! I am sorry that I haven’t been responding, I intend to remedy that as soon as I can figure out how. So, getting to the question…how do I reply to a comment??



  1. I have the comments that people leave me emailed right to my inbox. I can reply to them through my email as long as they have made their email address available through Blogger. Does that make sense? You can test it out on this comment! Haha!

  2. I do the same as Michelle. Every comment left on any post goes directly to my e-mail. So I wouldn't even have to come to Blogger or anything all day & I still see all my comments. Unless they are anonymous or chose not to use an e-mail address when leaving a comment, you can reply to their comment. Then it will go to THEIR e-mail. Easiest way.

    Other than that, people have to go hunt down replies. I look at about 50 blogs a day & comment on lots of them. Sometimes days, weeks, or even months later I'll stumble upon a blog post that I see I commented on & see that the blog owner responded/replied in their own comments. I never saw it. Your readers would have to remember to come back here to that post they commented on in order to view what you said in reply, unless you reply through e-mail. Does that make sense? It's good to reply on your blog comments when a lot of people are asking the same type question (so everyone in the future can see the answer to that - like measurements, etc), but even then, I would send a reply through e-mail :)

    The blogs who have like 8000 followers put on their comment page/window that they read all comments, but may not have time to respond, but that they appreciate them.

    To have your comments (i.e. this one) go directly to your e-mail of choice, go to your Dashboard & click on 'SETTINGS' & then 'COMMENTS' - you'll have the option on there. That's where you can write a little ditty that everyone will see below "Post a Comment" on your page!

    Hope that helps

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I did all you said & it should be much easier now to keep track of comments & to respond:)

  4. Hi, Mary! I wrote a blog post in response to your question and it's found at

  5. Now if only everyone would also get a free gmail account and post it so we can reply to everyone thru email =)


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