Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grilled Tilapia & No Pudge Brownies

For the last 2 weeks, or so, I have been on a crazy sugar addiction. Seriously, out of control! So, since the addiction doesn’t seem to be getting any better & swim suit season is getting closer & closer, I have decided to make myself be healthier. I started tonight by making Grilled Tilapia with brown rice & a veggie salad. Then, to curb my sugar craving, I made the No Pudge Brownies! I had never seen or heard of this brand before but the name had me sold. Try these recipes for a figure friendly (& tasty) dinner & dessert.
 Grilled Tilapia:
Step 1:
 January 2011 035
Step 2.
January 2011 036
Step 3.
January 2011 038
Step 4.
January 2011 039
No Pudge Brownies:
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I felt so satisfied & happy with myself after eating. Now I just need to continue on the healthy eating path! Give these recipes a try & let me know what you think!
**If you know me & are thinking, “I thought she didn’t eat meat”, your right. I didn’t used to. After some thought & research I decided to add fish into my diet once to twice a week as a way to get lean protein.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

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  1. ROB and I are going to start eating healthier, and I was just thinking about Alex comment on FB about your fish. I was about to call you to get the recipes. Can't wait to make it thank you for sharing. Can't wait to make it.

  2. Wow...your dishes look so delicious!! I have never heard of those brownies!! I might have to give them a whirl:)

  3. The tilapia looks delicious!

    Hansel, huh? Alex . . . weirdo :)

  4. new blog hop follower, check me out when you get a chance at, thanks:)

  5. The No Pudge brownies are good aren't they? Oh and you can use the plain greek yogurt to replace sour cream for just about anything! Super great way to cut calories! Thanks for linking up @ Time to Shine!

  6. Great job!! Everything looks delicious :) I am going to have to look into those "no-pudge brownies"...the brownies I made this weekend were "full-pudge" :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!

  7. This looks yummy! Especially the salad and the brownies... :)
    Tnx for linking up at my party! :D


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